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Valley Queen Cheese and more!

by Mark Brown

It's YOUR Agri Business ---does more than cut the cheese on Monday.

Valley Queen Cheese in Milbank reveals the value of their trip to China and what lies ahead. Rock Nelson--International Specialists to Your Agri-Business show.

South Dakota continues to push for more dairy herds -- but SDSU says we need are labor filling for the dairies -- and those young leaders to return to the farm and manage.

Plains Commerce Bank --updates on the Hoven School Fire --- and with the luscious rain -- the crop conditions in the Mitchell area.

The Starks--Howalt McDowell are on the road. We'll talk the questions they are asked about coverage ---and keeping their farm interests as safe as possible.

Candi Briley---South Dakota Ag Department is talk about a special red power to the State Fair in Huron later this summer. Lots of big interests in the State as a new exhibits hall is drawing six figure donations.

Dr. Barry Dunn--Dean of Agriculture and Research at SDSU --talked about his trip to China to talk with students and businesses. Dr. Dunn explained the differences in what he saw in China -- and how made in China is far different that what we believe.

Scott Varilek--Kooima Kamingk has the Commodities, Jim Lowe-Advana Mortgage the loan Snap shot, Todd Neuberger Edward Jones the Main Street to Wall Street report.