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AG Show Prepares for Dairy Concert

by Mark Brown

Good News, Bad News. It's the news cycle. This week's It's YOUR Agri Business Show, gave a little of both.

Roger Scheibe, Executive Director of the South Dakota Dairy Producers Association invited the audience to join in on the 4th annual Central Plains Dairy Expo at the Sioux Falls Convention Center Tuesday night. Scheibe said the talents of Joe Diffie, Aaron Tippin, and Sammy Kershaw provide the sizzle to help Feeding South Dakota.

$10 passes as part of a donation get you in the door. Donations accepted at First Bank and Trust, Lewis Drug, and Sioux Falls HyVee stores. Those attending will see a 5 minute video that promotes the dairy industry; while providing consumers important information.

Silvia Christen, South Dakota Stockgrowers Association Executive Director confirmed our reports about the 5 million donation level that has hit the rancher's relief fund. The donations came in across the state and around the nation. The impact of the losses will still affect the stock status for years to come.

Dustin Oedekoven is the State Veterinarian in South Dakota. He confirmed PED virus found in at least 20 state farms. The virus will continue to affect the price of pork. As Dr. Oedekoven put it --- we see a virus every 10 years ago --- and we manage it effectively and together as an agri-industry.

Meagan Nelson is a 4-H Youth Livestock Field Specialist. Speaking via Skype from the IGROW-org studios in Brookings.  She said the South Dakota 4-H is dedicated to providing a safe environment for youth involved in livestock. Further awareness about biosecurity and the development of the Market Swing Self Identification Process is being implemented for the 2014 project year. 4-Hers will not be required to bring swine project animals to a county weigh in site in order to be 4-H green tagged.

Joel Nerem is Health Director for Pipestone System which is a group owned by about 50 family farmers in South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa. Nerem is a vet, and experienced with the PED's virus. He has seen the number of PED virus cases mushroom. 9 farmers have identified cases with suspected for a potential route of transmission. On 4 farms they found the virus in bins containing feed for the areas of the barns that the animals first became sick.

Luke Reindl and Roger DeRouchey, Plains Commerce in Mitchell will be helping host 450 4th graders in Ag Classrooms. It's part of the Ag Side of Plains Commerce providing help for the next generation about what is important on our tables and on our farms.

Roger and Travis Stark, Howalt McDowell explained the importance of knowing who you talk to and making sure you are covered on the farm and on your land. Enough but not too much coverage. Classes are available through Howalt McDowell University.

Scott Varilek, Kooima Kaemingk Commodities beginning next Monday will provide commodity reports each day at 11:30. The SDSU Graduate and South Dakota Native Monday explained market trends, USDA cattle on feed report showed a much bigger placement number than expected. On Feed and Marketings were in line with pre-report estimates.

Summer month hogs had a $35 rally the past few months. End of last week was first set back of $4. All new PEDV cases are starting to rally the October board which has been hanging behind.