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Bird Watch 12-10-11 Most popular backyard bird?

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December 10, 2011, 8:34 a.m.
Bird Watch With Roger Taylor
Majyck D
Bird Watch 12-10-11 Most popular backyard bird? (17.4 MB)
Good morning Kalamazoo!! It's time for Bird Watch with your host, Roger Taylor. Have a bird sighting or bird question for the bird expert? Give Roger a call this morning at 269-382-4280 or 1-877-382-4280 to be a part of the show. Correction for last week trivia question- how fast a turkey can fly is not 25-28(record time) The correct answer is actually 17-18 miles per hour. This week's trivia question: Audio trivia question this week? Commonly see bird in many backyards. The correct answer is Junco. Congrats to Annette from Kalamazoo for correctly answering this weeks trivia question.