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The Trifecta

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  • 04/15/11 - Hour 1

    Friday, April 15, 2011

    Jim is on vacation - his chair admirably filled with Kalamazoo Regional Camber of Commerce CEO Steward Sandstrom. Stew engages in lively debate with Jay and Sean over...It's Tax Day - the Tea Party holiday. Has the Tea Party done more harm or good for the GOP?...The Kzoo C-of-C has a lot of events coming up - only Steward can keep them all straight!

  • 04/14/11 - Hour 2

    Thursday, April 14, 2011

    Jim, Sean and special guest Brandt Iden get down n' dirty over...Cedar Point! No controversy here, just looking forward to roller coasters...Brandt fills us in on tonight's meeting regarding consolidation of community services - more interesting than it sounds...Does a company have a patriotic duty to support America by paying taxes here?...Wanna make a quick $50? Let a girl beat you up!...Your children are being poisoned at school with - chocolate milk?...Sports jerks: Barry Bonds and Kobe Bryant.

  • 04/14/11 - Hour 1

    Thursday, April 14, 2011

    Jay is out in the field and his seat on the Trifecta is ably-filled once again by Kalamazoo County Commissioner Brandt Iden - he, along with Jim and Sean, untangle the mysteries of...President Obama raises the spectre of China - do we have something to learn from them?...Remember that HUGE budget deal everyone was talking about - turns out its not so big after all...Is John Boehner becoming less popular - among Republicans?

  • 04/13/11 - Hour 2

    Wednesday, April 13, 2011

    Jim, Jay and Sean fight over the last scrap of...Did you have sex in high school? You pervert-deviant! You're sick and can never be cured!...An energy company that's interested in making money off energy? Why aren't more energy companies doing this?...A lesson in gay marriage from - the IRS?...Wanna get rich? Be a teacher!...The Lions may no longer be the worst team in Detroit...

  • 04/13/11 - Hour 1

    Wednesday, April 13, 2011

    Jim, Jay and Sean go all "Paper-Scissors-Rock" over...President Obama speaks about the economic situation and explains the need for greater tax revenue, but all some people heard was "blah blah blah taxes blah blah"...Terry "The Wine Guru" will wine knowledge - and a way to save Michigan's economy!...Planned Parenthood has been misrepresented by the right lately in the budget battle - or has it?

  • 04/12/11 - Hour 2

    Tuesday, April 12, 2011

    Jim, Jay and Sean are back and better than ever on...Is the effort to extract oil from tar sands worth it?...A program encouraging solar energy is so successful - the energy company wants to put it on hold?...Thermal cameras for finding heat leaks in your home - good. Thermal cameras for watching you in your home - not good...A park in Coldwater restricts political signs - a political group cries foul...The Civil War is long over - we think...Have the UFOs already landed?

  • 04/12/11 - Hour 1

    Tuesday, April 12, 2011

    Jim, Jay and Sean are grinding it out over...How much debt is bad for the US?...Trevor "The Meat Meister" with very helpful tips on getting the best performance from your grill...Governor Snyder and Michigan Congressional Republicans unveil and early budget deal - as much of a "deal" as it is with no Democratic input.

  • 04/11/11 - Hour 2

    Monday, April 11, 2011

    Jim, Jay and Sean step in the ring over...a school in Chicago bans lunches packed from home - trying to promote healthy habits or overstepping parental authority?...MI Gov Snyder makes deficits disappear with a school funding shell game...a new survey reveals a startling number about race in the Deep South...Sean longs for the old GOP that used to pull the wool over his eyes...France comes down harder on Islam than the US could do - should we be taking a cue from them?

  • 04/11/11 - Hour 1

    Monday, April 11, 2011

    Jim, Jay and Sean are back from the weekend and back at it over...A last-moment budget deal averts a shutdown - is anyone really happy with this deal?...Obama to address nation about raising taxes - and some skeptics are even coming around...The Tigers off to a lousy start - is it time for Leyland to go?...As the deadline for withdrawing from Iraq approaches, some in the military think we should stick around.

  • 04/08/11 - Hour 2

    Friday, April 08, 2011

    Jim, Sean and guest host Kzoo Co Commissioner Brandt Iden close out the week over...Are Kalamazoo marijuana dispensaries around the corner?...Brandt gives his take on a Kalamazoo local preference policy...Kevin Ketchum of Klassic Arcade in Gobles tells us about the Pinball at the Zoo event coming up...One person's "Oops! I lost the opposition's votes!" is another person's election fraud...If you think Terry Jones disrespects Islam, you should take a cue from Europe...A handful of major corporations control much of the US food supply - does this make us more or less secure?