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The Trifecta

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  • 06/14/12-Hour 2:Violent cities_Michigan anti-union-busting bill_Reality show not real_New old show_Bush's head on a pike

    Thursday, June 14, 2012

    Jay and Sean battle the 2-headed Hour 2 of The Bifecta!...Michigan doesn't only lead the nation in unemployment - we've got the most violent cities too!...A reality show turns out to be *gasp* STAGED!...The New Dallas show debuts, featuring 3 old actors from the original as well as the theme song. That should last about 4 episodes...Bush's head on a pike. Figuratively. And really.

  • 06/14/12-Hour 1:Chip seal_Canada bridge_Dirtbag scalpers_Curse fine

    Thursday, June 14, 2012

    Jim's got a day off so it's the Bifecta with Sean and Jay - just like old times...Get your car's paint chipped on your way to work today? We talk with the Kalamazoo Co Road Commission about the loose stone or "chip seal" they put down...The New Bridge to Canada is moving forward - will the taxpayers foot the bill?...TicketBas...er, TicketMaster might finally have to answer to the fans...A small Mass town desperately seeks attention by fining people who swear. The Founding Fathers say WTF?

  • 06/13/12-Hour 1:Fred Upton_Palisades_FDA fast-track_WKZO debate_Keystone pipeline

    Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    Jim and Sean are joined by Congressman Fred Upton for Hour 1 of The Trifecta...Another safety breach at Palisades nuclear plant - cause for concern?...Will a bill to fast-track drug approval lead to safety risks?...Fred will be debating Jack Hoogendyk on WKZO...The Keystone pipeline debate continues between Fred and Sean...Grzaing fees are out of hand.

  • 06/12/12-Hour 2:YWCA award folo_Tigers@Cubs tonite_US Senate candidate Randy Heckman_1982 Movies_ICan web names

    Tuesday, June 12, 2012

    Jay, Jim and Sean in Hour 2 of The Trifecta...A follow-up on the YWCA award for a gay person that some lawmakers refuse to sign...The Tiger are in Chicago to take on the Cubs - our Carolyn Binder calls in from Wrigley Field...US Senate candidate Randy Heckman joins the show...Was 1982 the best summer for movies?...Coming soon - a shift in the web addresses you use everyday.

  • 06/12/12-Hour 1:Michigan K2 Ban_Detroit vs Lansing_Ron Kitchens_Route KKK

    Tuesday, June 12, 2012

    Jay, Jim and Sean are your Tuesday Trifecta...Govt can work quickly from time to time - a ban for Zombie-making K2 Bath Salts is on the governor's desk...The struggle between Detroit and Lansing - as we ll as the mayor and the city commission and the mayor - continues...Southwest Michigan First CEO Ron Kitchens with the latest...A Georgia highway will be Ku Klux Klean!

  • 06/11/12-Hour 2:New education standards_Boss Anthem_FB App Center_Tigers

    Monday, June 11, 2012

    Jay, Jim and Sean host Hour 2 of The Trifecta...New education standards look to get away from what generations of Americans grew up with - better-preparing our children for modern times?...Who should write a new national anthem?...FB unveils its new App Center...The Tigers win!

  • 06/11/12-Hour 1:Monday_Bing:Drop lawsuit_Sandusky tirla_Mass town cursing fine

    Monday, June 11, 2012

    Jay, Jim and Sean cast off for a week of The Trifecta...It's Monday and Sean uses the cheap gas!...Detroit mayor Dave Bing warns a lawsuit over Emergency Financial Mgrs needs to be dropped lest there be dire financial consequences...The icky Jerry Sandusky trial begins, and it's already creepy...A Massachusetts town decides to clear the air, and by coincidence it will put more money in their coffers.