Election 2012

Election 2012 - State Wide Ballot Proposals Explained

State Wide Ballot Proposals

1 - Emergency Manager

A "NO" vote would repeal Michigan's emergency manager law that broadened the emergency manager's powers

A "YES" vote adopts the law that allows appointed emergency managers to take over municipalities and school districts in distress

4 - Home Healthcare

A "NO" vote would block an amendment to the State Constitution that would establish The Michigan Quality Home Care Council and allow for unionizing for in-home care workers

A "YES" vote would create a registry of home care workers and authorize unionization and bargaining rights for those workers

2 - Collective Bargaining for Goverment Workers

A "NO" vote would stop an amendment to the Michigan constitution that would overturn the State Ethics Act for government workers

A "YES" vote would expand the bargaining rights to unionize for government workers and block right-to-work

5 - 2/3 Tax Vote

A "NO" vote would prevent a required two-thirds majority in the Legislation to raise taxes

A "YES" vote would require a supermajority in the Legislation to approve tax changes

3 - 25% by 2025

A "NO" vote would prevent utilities from being required to generate 25% of Michigan's energy from renewable sources by 2025

A "YES" vote would will increase state's use of renewable energy claiming to reduce pollutions in the air and water

6 - Bridge Vote

A "NO" vote would prevent the requirement of a public vote before construction of international tunnels or bridges

A "YES" vote would amend the state constitution to require a public vote to approve construction on future international bridges or tunnels

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