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Weather Outlook for 1/23/2014

by Tim Abramowski

Thursday Weather Outlook


There are some key numbers to keep tracking the next few days.  They involve air temperature and wind speed.  First – here’s a summary of expected nighttime lows.  Near zero by Friday morning will be followed by a slightly more moderate 15 Saturday…then, down to five to 10 above by Sunday morning and zero to five above by the following morning.  Next comes another major injection of arctic nastiness forecasters have been expecting on Monday and by early the next day we’ll be at five below with the following morning likely to be a repeat.  These numbers are days away and may be tweaked up or down a few notches – but you get the picture.  And when you figure in wind chill it can prove a dangerous picture.  The word ‘blustery’ doesn’t quite do Friday’s conditions justice as winds should drop the wind chill as low as minus 24.  There’ll be gusts to around 35 Saturday so lower 30s air temperatures won’t feel much warmer.  Beyond that – well, any anemometer will likely be a three-pronged icicle – therefore unusable the balance of this frozen month anyway.