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Are there any real snowmen anymore?

by Tim Abramowski

What’s missing from the picture?  Looking at the view outside after over a hundred inches of snow this winter you might reply – ‘everything!’  But I’m thinking about what you do with that snow.  We’ve been consuming a lot of time shoveling it, getting stuck in it and hating it.  When we were kids some would have been appropriated for snowman building.  I really haven’t seen many snowmen this year.  Maybe snowmen are out of style.  Maybe it’s been too cold to consider outdoor non-essential - even fun - activities.  Maybe, first-built snowmen got buried by subsequent snows.  A farmer near Gilman, Minnesota built one this winter.  It’s 50 feet tall.  Its creator Greg Novak says its base is 45 feet and the head’s about 20 feet.  If that one gets buried we’re all in trouble.  UPDATE – I have a report from Oshtemo of an eight foot snowman. Temperatures are inching up into the 40s over the next week so you better take a picture before it – like winter – is gone.  As for that 50 foot monster in Minnesota…it should have some staying power.

Rick Shields