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Ag. Weather Outlook 8-25-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Once again we need that one-inch of rain per week. While last week began on a positive note with downpours in several spots Tuesday, conditions after that were long on promise and short on delivery. This week the promise of moisture returns and most farmers eagerly await a better outcome as the week moves along. Last weeks rain has improved the look of field crops. Pro Farmers latest crop tour indicates things are going very well to our south from Ohio to Illinois with production and yield at least as strong as earlier USDA reports had suggested. Right now think of the first half of the week as the summer we havent had. Well hear a lot about the heat index being high. The index is a reflection of temperature and humidity with high numbers meaning, simply, youre uncomfortable. It will be running in the low to mid-90s for a while this week. Even if we miss an air temperature of 90-degree or more, the heat index as were likely to learn is the reading that really counts. In addition multiple rounds of storms have the potential for bringing us one to two inches of rain through the week. Lets hope the potential is realized this time.