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Ag. Weather Outlook 8-20-2014

by Tim Abramowski

A lot of places picked up rainfall in a major way Tuesday afternoon. Places like the Kalamazoo Nature Center, Hastings, Trevor Nichols Research Center in Fennville all added over an inch and a half to their monthly totals. Other locales like Grand Junction reported an inch and 43-hundredths along with their high winds. A few rain events like that and fields that had been lagging a bit will be showing positive effects as long as future storms dont also bring high winds and hail. More thunderstorms are a possibility Thursday afternoon and Thursday night. We could see showers appear about any day into next week as very warm air remains in place and dew points are high. MSU Extension Fruit Educator Mark Longstroth says in his weekly bulletin blueberry, peach, plum and raspberry harvest continues. He says Growing Degree Days continue to run about one to two weeks behind normal in West Michigan. Nevertheless things always look a little brighter after a rainespecially in August.