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Ag. Weather Outlook 8-14-2014

by Tim Abramowski

As the skies clear and the winds go away under the influence of high pressure, the same thing happens in the summer as would happen in wintertime the land cools off. This will leave some folks away from town doing a double-take when checking their thermometers Thursday morning and seeing lower 40s. While it wont be quite that cool in town, itll still be in the 40s to begin the day. Rain odds are still expected to improve Friday night into the day on Saturday. After that, timing of the next moisture event remains a little uncertain, but forecasters say theyre a lot more confident temperatures during the week ahead will again average close to normal after this weeks cool interlude. While its hard to look beyond the cooler readings and the sunny fall-like skies the real weather story continues to be the current spell of dryness that any widely scattered shower wont address.