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Ag. Weather Outlook 8-11-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Well need about an inch. Thats the word from Mark Longstroth at the MSU extension. Early week rains certainly are helping that happen. But whatever moisture you receive is going to have to do until probably late next weekend. Its August, and it seems for the time being at least these rain producing cold fronts are getting spaced a little further apart. Thats not good news for dry corn fields at this point. Put in your request for around an inch of rainfall and see what happens the next day or so. Thundershowers arent expected to reach severe levels in the near term. Once the low pressure that spawns them finishes tracking across the Lower Peninsula, cooler than normal temperatures will take hold for a few days giving us some mid to upper-70s for the second half of the week along with lower humidity levels. That situation means blue skiesand a lot of growers worried about rain or the lack thereof - right now.