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Ag. Weather Outlook 8-07-2014

by Tim Abramowski

How cool does it get? Its a common question when exploring a new location or a familiar one. And along with how hot does it get? it gives you a meteorological idea of what kind of place youre dealing with. Well, here we are in the midst of summer and weve been mentioning over and over how cool the weather seems. Thirty-eight years ago Friday 1976 cool was not nearly a strong enough term to describe the temperature. On August 8 th thermometers in Lansing and Muskegon registered record lows of 27-degrees. Thats easily as cool as it gets during summer in our part of the world. The following winter 1976-77 and several after would break more records for cold and snow around the Great Lakes. Thats the way things turned out as one anomalous incident does not a long-range prediction make. Putting things in perspective our cooler-than-normal summer is more likely to be called refreshing rather than downright scary. And, for attending a county fair or outdoor activities the next two or three days, thats as good a word as any to describe what were in for. Monday looks to be the next day with showers and thundershowers in its forecast. Until then whether you need moisture on your crops or just need it to feel a little more like summertime think how much worse conditions could be