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Ag. Weather Outlook 8-06-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Rains the past several days have helped field crops which have started to show the effects of the dry spell. Still they missed some fields. Stress is showing up trees with yellowing and wilting leaves according to Extension Fruit Educator Mark Longstroth in his weekly report. He says were losing about 17-hundredths of an inch of moisture daily due to evapotranspiration. That comes out to just over an inch of water per week while sandy soils hold only about an inch of water per foot. The rest of the week wont be helpful with its forecast of drier air and readings near 80. Growing Degree Day accumulation is moving ahead with a gain of 157, base 42 and 113 base 50. He says we now lag about two weeks behind normal in Growing Degree Days. With sunshine in the forecast all the way into the weekend, itll be a matter of waiting for the next drops to fall on dry area soils.