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Ag. Weather Outlook 8-04-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Mid-80s.thats as warm as well get this week. More common will be afternoons in the upper seventies. Upper 50s will be common at night. After Tuesday our rain chances dont look favorable either. Following several months of praise for what weather was doing for the 2014 crop year, we seem to be running into a few days perhaps even a week -- of less than ideal conditions. Were not talking building drought after some dry days at this point. If theres been a drought in Michigan this year it has been in terms of scorching heat. You could call it a 90-degree drought in many spots. Weather records over the past three decades show Detroit with an average of 9 days of 90-degree temperatures. So far this summer thermometers in all of the Lower Peninsula have had trouble making it much above the middle-80s and sometimes it seems to be quite a lift making it out of the 70s. Theres still plenty of time left in August, but as the days roll by it appears well be needing a really strong push of late summer heat off the southwest deserts to reverse the cool trend of the first half of this season. Some crops like grapes like warmer conditions, however most growers will soon start focusing on when the next good shower is coming rather than when the thermometer will head into the middle 90s.