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Ag. Weather Outlook 7-30-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Right now, were about a week behind our normal Growing Degree Day count. Readings are expected to warm by a few degrees per day over the next week placing us back in a more seasonal, summer-like range. Afternoon highs should be back above 80-degrees by Sunday. The several days following which is county fair time for a lot of people around the area will maintain warmer conditions. Especially inland dont be surprised to see pop-up afternoon showers this week and next. Even though the moisture numbers for July early July in particular look good when you first check them outremember the areas sandy soils soak up water in a hurry and its time for replenishment as these soils hold only about an inch of water per foot of soil. Mark Longstroth in his weekly report says both blueberries and raspberries continue to be harvested in Southwest Michigan. In blueberries fruit size for the first picking in most fields has been large due to the wet spring. Thats a check of where things stand as we prepare to flip the calendar to August.