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Ag. Weather Outlook 7-24-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Quoting a grain broker in Chicago weather looks awfully good for crop development. Rain events a few days apart combined with no prolonged hot spells is whats keeping the early week USDA crop condition reports at their highest levels in years. Odds look good for another one next week. By this time in the summer it isnt unusual to see prospects start to flag as heat and dryness build. So far, that isnt happening. So what could go wrong? Well, aside from a dramatic turn-around in weather patterns or an exceptionally early frost in a few months, not much. When you hear positive comments about crops and weather this year, youre not hearing any reference to places like California where its still bone dry. The hoped-for Pacific rains havent come yet and while theres still sub-soil moisture to tap into - for those folks growing crops or raising livestock is becoming an expensive proposition. However in our part of the world we only have scattered thunderstorms on the horizon for Friday night, Saturday and Sunday followed by a return to cooler readings next week. Thats the latest plant and human stress-free outlook.