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Ag. Weather Outlook 7-09-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Well see in a few days if our string of wet Mondays continues another week. Right now it seems it will. Mark Longstroth points out in his weekly bulletin that this Mondays downpour made it three wet work week starts in a row for much of Southwest Michigan. Still its easy to forget that rainfall hasnt been universal and there are still dry spots. That means a return to more promising chances for moisture by the weekend will be welcomed by some and tolerated by the rest as long as it doesnt bring the risk of rising waters to area streams and rivers. Theres another trend were spotting a lot this year and thats the outlook for cooler than normal temperatures. Longstroth says the average soil temperatures is around 70 and the air temperature early in the week wont be a lot warmer than that. Growing Degree Day accumulations continue to lag behind our long-term average much like they did last year and in 2011 and 2009. Basically were still in fine shape but there are other parts of the country beginning to count the days since the last decent rain. Places like the Southeast, which were standing in water last year, are starting to look pretty dry. And despite May and June rains the South Central part of the country that includes areas like Texas and Oklahoma are showing signs the long dry spell may not be over after all.