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Ag. Weather Outlook 7-07-2014

by Tim Abramowski

We keep adding moisture to the topsoil every day or two. With a full week of July now past us, things are looking lush. That is certainly subject to change as the summer moves along but indications for the week ahead keeps showers and thundershowers in the forecast. Some of them like those early Monday may turn out to be heavy rain makers. The eastern two-thirds of the country are much like Michigan. However, the first of the month drought update still indicates 35-percent of the nation remains seriously dry. Places like California, Arizona and the Great Basin are seeing no let-up in the multi-year drought. A little further to the east things really have improved following a record-wet June which saw drought coverage decline six-percent. That means greener pastures in High Plains and a bit of optimism for cattlemen while growers of winter wheat still struggle with the 2014 crop some 44-percent of which is now listed in poor to very poor condition as those rains last month came too late to revive the crop.