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Ag. Weather Outlook 7-01-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Today, if you live in south or southwest Michigan, you know if youre a sound sleeper. If nearly continuous, brilliant lightning and crashing thunder didnt roust you from your midnight slumber you qualify as a sound (maybe too-sound sleeper). Many spots saw nearly an inch and a half of rain in their gauges by early this morning. Except for a couple of pop up showers with the passage of a much weaker secondary front, were pretty much out of the rain measuring game through the end of the weekend. No rain-outs for the Fourth of July. A pleasant, comfortable summertime Saturday is on the way. Was it worth all the meteorological drama of Monday night-Tuesday morning? Some would say yes. Others would weigh in with thousands around the region who were left without power or barricaded behind fallen trees which succumbed to 60 mile per hour or higher wind gusts. Lets hope it proves to be the worst challenge of this seasons turbulent weather.