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Ag. Weather Outlook 6-25-2014

by Tim Abramowski

No worries about drought around here. But, if you were a climatologist in, say, Texas youd be getting asked about how much better things have become following recent rains. That states climatologist, John Nielsen-Gammon, says most of the Lone Star state still needs rain. An apt response might be, where are we going to put it? He says people need to remember their current drought goes back to the fall of 2010 with at least 40-percent of that big piece of real estate in some form of drought every week since then. Bottom line there has been improvement in some places but not others. Not the kind of answer you want to hear? Stay tuned all signs point to an El Nino developing as warmer water moves into the central Pacific. This should mean more rain for John Nielsen-Gammons Aggies and, hopefully, folks in California where the water crisis remains persistent. El Ninos other effects include lack of normal moisture in the Deep South along the Gulf coast and a fairly quiet Atlantic hurricane season. For us adequate moisture still looks likely along with somewhat cooler temperatures. The adequate moisture part of that statement looks likely into next week the somewhat cooler part, not so much.