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Ag. Weather Outlook 6-18-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Warm and occasionally wet are the words to best characterize these final days of spring. This month wheat growers in the southern High Plains are getting a reminder it still knows how to rain. Producers further north are wondering if it knows how to stop. Some folks in southwestern Michigan have seen several rain near-misses while others batten down the hatches and wait for the next round of storms to arrive. Over-all the picture is good. The long drought has taken a major dent in some places in the southwest and while the warm, wet days of late June make Michigan apple growers worry about disease, row crops like corn are doing fine. Mark Longstroth says even though soils are moist growers need to irrigate. The evapotranspiration is about 2-tenths of an inch per day in the latest measurements and where rain doesnt fall for a couple of days theyll dry down fast. He adds Growing Degree Days are still a few days behind our long term average. The chance for more moisture, some of it heavy, stays in the forecast through the weekend in the latest National Weather Service projections which indicate the start of next week may see showers as well.