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Ag. Weather Outlook 6-09-2014

by Tim Abramowski

We continue to hear about too many ultra-dry areas in much of America particularly in the Southwest and High Plains. Then we hear about drenching rains in fact round after round of thunderstorms putting down what at first might seem like drought-busting moisture only to hear a few days laterit just puts a dent in the multi-year dry spell. So a fair question becomeshow much will it take to end the drought? A few months back NOAA came out with a map indicating its estimate for needed rainfall to right the situation in one month. At that time it would have taken between 12 and 15-inches to do the job between San Diego and the agriculturally-powerful San Joaquin valley. It doesnt take a lot imagination to figure what 15 inches would do to the region on the way to getting the figures back on track. On the southern High Plains the projection stood at roughly three to nine inches. Thats still a lot of rainactually, a lot of run-off if it falls too fast. However, with rainfall during the past several weeks, they seem to be getting there. For us, theres a promise of showers just ahead but no wash outs. For many, about an inch to inch and a quarter fell early Sunday. As we all a little to our total, be glad were not having to accomplish a massive rainfall catch-up.