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Ag. Weather Outlook 6-06-2014

by Tim Abramowski

In the near term, our temperatures will hold in the seventies and while the heaviest rains have continued to track south of us we do have several chances for moisture. About every couple of days the pattern is due to bring another system near the area through the week ahead. With planting completed, all the concern will focus on hoping the rains dont become too intense or turn off altogether sometime this month as has happened before. Our situation is by no means typical with the latest drought monitor map showing about 37-percent of the country in varying degrees of dryness. And while the big picture has improved somewhat after a couple of big storms made a recent coast to coast trip with part of their itinerary the southern High Plains, the drought there still isnt over. Whats more, the real estate included in varying degrees of drought almost always tends to grow as the weeks tick by this time of year. Its a worrisome picture for plains wheat growers, southwestern cattlemen or anybody with real estate in tinder dry areas of California. Its something that a developing el Nino in the Pacific could make worse in that part of the nation. That said Midwest grain growers typically arent impacted much by this kind of temporary water temperature change in the ocean. For us it looks like we should just keep hoping for more of the same.