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Ag. Weather Outlook 5-29-2014

by Tim Abramowski

High pressure brings us three full days of call it whatever seems appropriate. How about - planting perfection A large swath of the country from the upper Great Plains to the Great Lakes is out of the daily shower or thunderstorm pattern until, probably, Sunday night. Thats when a cold front moves down from Canada and collides with warm, moist air. The result is predictable. Temperatures will stay within the same general range the next several days with afternoon highs in the upper 70s to lower 80s and night time low readings in the 50s. The rains next week, both here and across the Upper Midwest, should be beneficial for late-planted crops. A look back three years ago to May 29, 2011 thats when a strong squall line moved through the area bringing damaging winds from Vicksburg to Battle Creek to Charlotte. Those winds were estimated to be as high as one hundred miles an hour leaving heaviest damage in a 100 yard path and 40,000 people without power.