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Ag. Weather Outlook 5-27-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Nowhere is the Rolling Stones sentiment expressed in You Cant Always Get What You Want more appropriate than at planting time. This year winter didnt want to give up with the tax deadline day snowstorm in the middle of April. Then numerous rain events further complicated matters. But in spite of the slow pace of growing degree day accumulation things are showing signs of turning around this week in fact. Once showers that are crossing the area today and tomorrow depart Thursday, Friday and Saturday look favorable for bumping up those degree day numbers which have been lagging. Thats especially good news for corn growers which need an extra push for moving along late-planted fields. The eastern corn belt has seen planting move ahead quickly since Mothers Day somewhat diminishing early frost fears which had been growing in the first part of May. Its not a bad picture heading toward the start of June next week. And it underscores the rest of the lyrics in that song sometimes you get what you need