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Ag. Weather Outlook 5-23-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Temperature-wise, late May can be comfortable in our part of the world. Low seventies for highs and about 50 at night for good sleeping conditions are common. Of course, that doesnt take into account the occasional thunderstorm to interrupt an otherwise perfect nights sleep. Theres a better chance of that kind of interruption for Memorial Day evening and the day after. High readings are due to push into the 80s once the weekend is past. However things seem to be on a pretty even keel for us in the near-term. Frost worries, though not zero, are low and drought at this point isnt an issue. A lot of folks in the High Plains would like to be in our place when it comes to rainfall. On the southern High Plains theyre going into a fourth year of drought equaling the severity of what happened there in the fifties. A resident of the Texas Panhandle is quoted as saying, if it rained an inch every day for a month it still wouldnt break the drought.

Its really count our blessings time.