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Ag. Weather Outlook 5-21-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Gas prices may spike during a peak travel time, and reminders about click-it-or-ticket become common just before you head out on a long weekend. With the kind of conditions in place right now spring storm season or not on the calendar this is prime tornado siren testing time. If you hear one go off on a sunny day - its pretty obviously a test. But when it happens, even on a day like today, dont tell me you dont experience just a moment of dread about what may be happening, or about to. Thats what alert sirens are meant to do. Theyve been doing it by giving us a heads up for years during tornado seasons, cold war drills and a world war. Today, theyre joined by various other ways to alert you about danger from texting to weather radios to police cruisers outfitted with loud speakers. Sunshine and seventy-degree temperatures will be common the next few days. This time, the sirens only a test.