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Ag. Weather Outlook 5-16-2014

by Tim Abramowski

What earlier this week looked like a close call turned out to be a mid-May freeze for many spots around Michigan. Very early risers know there could be a problem following a cold fronts passage when they see moonlight outside the window and no sign of a breeze. Friday morning readings bottomed out around 3AM in the upper 20s to right at freezing. A low spot where MSU has set up automatic sensors Teapot Dome west of Paw Paw a temperature of 25-degrees was measured. Clouds and a little breeze helped moderate things shortly after that but temps below freezing are not good news at this point in the season. Well have a look at the cold snaps effect after theres been time for an assessment. Bottom line forget the normal highs and lows of mid-May (70 and 48) were still in a seasonal transition and all kinds of things can happennot all of them good.