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Ag. Weather Outlook 5-15-2014

by Tim Abramowski

You can credit the harsh winter with a big drop in Michigan wheat prospects this year. Martin Nagelkirk in his MSU Extension column this week points out following earlier assessments of damaged wheat especially within the thumb where half of the crop was lost Michigans office of the National Statistics Service has adjusted planted acreage downward from 650,000 to 580,000. Nagelkirk says this years crop is being added to a list of reduced planted to harvested acres which includes 1996 and 2009. Though its bad in the thumb area, other parts of the state werent hurt as much. He says a reasonable average loss may turn out to be 10 to 15 percent. The 75 bushels per acre state average wont be attained in 2014. He says based on a 70 bushel yield from around 510,000 acres, Michigans total production of soft winter wheat will be roughly 20-percent below last years level and comparable to what was attained in 2010.