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Ag. Weather Outlook 5-08-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Since hail is relatively common in bigger spring thunderstorms, it has to be pretty big to get more than a few days notoriety. With that in mind its off to the weather almanac to see just where the biggest hail has fallenor at least fallen and been measured. As far as whats the biggest hailstone on record, there seem to be new contenders for the title every year. Ill just stick with the six-inch measurements. One that size fell in Kiowa County, Oklahoma in 2011more specifically on the roof of a pickup in Kiowa County provided the owner with an instant sunroof. But looking at the weeks weather lore one storm in particular jumps out the one which pounded Dallas-Ft. Worth in 1981 dropping grapefruit size hail (thats in the four-inch range) propelled by 100 mile per hour winds. bad day to have a car lot packed with new Escorts or Cordobas that year Grapefruit size is bad enough. Had it been a half-inch diameter bigger it would have qualified as softball according to NOAA. As far as that monster that fell in Oklahoma, I couldnt find a listing beyond softball. How about godzilla size?