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Ag. Weather Outlook 5-05-2014

by Tim Abramowski

With the possibility of 80 degrees or above by later this week spring is coming on strong. Mark Longstroth says well likely see most stone fruit in bloom and we may see tart cherries open by the end of the week as well. Apricots have been blooming for about a week. He says it may take a while to see what came through the coldest winter in two decades. In 1994, after another famously rough winter, a fair number of peaches and Niagara grapes looked good initially but when conditions turned hot and dry late in the spring they began to show signs of stress going back to damage inflicted by winter cold. Longstroth adds some blueberries are showing some damage knee to chest level from cold injury just above the snow line. On the topic of blueberries, therell be a grower meeting Wednesday afternoon starting at 1:30 at MGB headquarters in Grand Junction. Several RUP credits will be available. In the complete release of the 2012 Census of Agriculture figures last week Van Buren County ranked number one acreage-wise in U-S counties while Ottawa County placed third.