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Ag. Weather Outlook 5-01-2014

by Tim Abramowski

May first or not, just over a quarter of the Great Lakes still have at least some ice cover. For Lake Michigan the icy region runs from the Leelanau Peninsula over to the Door Peninsula on the Wisconsin side. Superior remains over half under ice. A year ago right now less than two percent of the lakes had ice. That ice will reflect sunlight and that could have a cooling effect on the regions weather through the spring. Theres more to what we experience in terms of day to day conditions a lot more but it certainly is a player. Ice on the Great Lakes has a ripple effect on lots of things besides growing grapes or apples shipping, for example. Steel plants in Indiana require iron ore from up north. Too much ice equals slow deliveries and that equals plant lay offs. Arthur C. Clarke of 2001-a Space Odyssey fame thought renaming our planet water or ocean would make more sense because thats what sets it apart from other objects we see in the heavens. In fact it makes a lot of sense. Water in this case the waters to our north and west are big players in our daily lives. And perhaps we can feel how big on a chilly May morning.