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Ag. Weather Outlook 4-30-2014

by Tim Abramowski

If youve got any complaints about todays weather you have only to recall the disaster that awaited fruit farmers exactly two years ago as readings spiraled to record lows after climbing to record highs weeks earlier. The coldest of several mornings was April 29 th . It saw records set throughout the Lower Peninsula. Grand Rapids hit 28 degrees and out in the orchards many spots were five or ten degrees below that. A colder than normal April 2012 was followed by a few notable May frosts and most fruit growers had to call it a season. This week were not flirting with freezing around the area as lows arent expected to drop below the 40s to the upper 30s. A lot of places came through the first half of the week without much rain but there remains a daily chance well add at least some in the opening days of May. The best news is an outlook calling for a trend to more seasonal highs in the 60s next week.