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Ag. Weather Outlook 4-29-2014

by Tim Abramowski

According to MSU Field Crops and Vegetable Production specialist Bruce MacKellar most folks are making a big dent as far as planting preparations and tillage is concerned. So far, heavy rains have held off allowing work to go ahead. Though not a lot is in the ground as of yet you can bet as we flip the calendar to May on Thursday farmers will be more than ready to head out to the fields. Its time to watch the soil temperatures. At the two-inch level MacKellar says conditions are still running in the mid to low fifties. Several sunny, warm days would be just the ticket to get things really rolling for 2014. The rest of this week warm, sunny days appear to be a dream of things to come as we move through a string of overcast days with showers. At least were looking at showers for the most part and not a deluge. The national picture shows major planting progress in places like Missouri and Illinois during the past week. In spite of delays, progress seems to be far ahead of last years record slow pace.