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Ag. Weather Outlook 4-16-2014

by Tim Abramowski

O-K we get an April snow one day - some record cold readings the next Then, I roll out a probably too long list of how cold it can get even in May. Maybe its time to consider the bigger picture. How far are we off the mark at this point in the spring? Over the years highs have averaged just above freezing in the morning to around 50 in the afternoon so, with the exception of a couple of days of way below those numbers, were not that far off the mark. Its likely all a matter of expectations. We want it to be warmer right now. Our stereotypical spring day features flowers, birds and an emerald lawnnot one with snow on it like Tuesday. Extension Educator Mark Longstroth reminds us in his weekly newsletter most of winters snow is history and many perennial plants are just beginning bud break. On the Growing Degree Day front he says were well behind normal but comparable to last year and 2009. Tree fruit growth is just beginning while blueberries show some terminal flower bud swelling and strawberries are greening up with new leaves emerging. No the pictures by no means all bleak.