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Ag. Weather Outlook 4-15-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Today were ready to give a collective enough! to the concept of waking up to fresh snowfall. Some had put away their trusty windshield snow brush for the season. Others had stored the sidewalk ice melt for another year. Neither move proved to have been farsighted as the one to two-inch tax day morning snowfall put us in a hunker down and deal with this again frame of mind. And the records show mid-April is by no means the absolute end to Michigans snow season. Theres still cold air available up north and lots of spring moisture available to our south. Flipping the calendar to May we see a three-day snow from the 3 rd to 5 th in 1954 a storm dropped a foot of snow in some places on May 9, 1924Lansings latest snow on record came on May 26, 1926 while the latest in Grand Rapids happened in 1907 on May 27 th . A snow deep into springtime - its happened before and itll happen again. -- just, hopefully, not this year.