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Ag. Weather Outlook 4-14-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Recent warm weather has things moving but chilly night temps are keeping them from moving too fast. Thats the assessment of where things stand from Mark Longstroth, MSU Small Fruit Extension Educator. Plants wont be making any progress in the chilly air for a couple of days before readings begin to moderate to more normal values toward the end of the week. He says the current pace of slow development poses no major problem since were running a little behind normal. Statistically starting the growing season somewhat late reduces the chances of major frost damage. Longstroth adds the latest round of temperatures in the low twenties shouldnt cause damage as buds are just beginning to swell and they can take temps that low. Bottom line dont worry too much about snow at this point as long as readings stay out of the teens. While most of us would agree its too cold for mid-April we are at least going to remain above a morning minimum of 20 in the foreseeable future.