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Ag. Weather Outlook 4-11-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Farmers always have had natures front row seat. A lifetime of staying in touch with brewing storm systems and boiling skies has saved many of them from becoming tornado casualties. Its allowed others to gaze into the heart of the heavens free of light pollution to consider if theres an intelligence out there looking back. Its been a guide for when to plant as well as when to harvest. Its been an unending source of entertainmentan inspiration for legends and myths. The sky comes through for farmers and townsfolk alike early Tuesday morning real early Tuesday morning. Were talking about before five AM. A lunar eclipse will take place as the Moon drifts into the shadow of the Earth giving our satellite a reddish hue. The Tax Day Total Lunar Eclipse is what the Kalamazoo Astronomical Society calls it and some of these intrepid sky watchers will be up after 2 to see it happen from their observation post at the nature center. Theyd like you to join them but of course thats like about everything else weather permitting. I know. Its a work day and youll probably miss the big show. But some evening in the warm months ahead pick a dark, moonless night and guide your son or daughter away from their hand held device and into to the back yard. Without comment take a look up. Just wait to see what happens.

Rick Shields