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Ag. Weather Outlook 4-09-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Three weeks into spring and were starting to see greening in fields on rosettes of winter annuals now that most of the snow is gone. Thats the word from Bruce Mackellar, Field Crops and Production Educator with the MSU extension. He says nighttime readings above the freezing mark will further this trend. A cold front due in the first of next week may drop us back below 32 but until then it looks like readings will stay above freezing over Southwest Michigan. He says wheat should start to green up and alfalfa should begin to break dormancy as we get a couple of rounds of warm spring rains. Mackellar says we appear to be about nine to ten days behind normal from the standpoint of heating degree days following a much colder than average March. He adds the good thing is were moving along in the right direction despite a slow start. Three weeks into spring and we hear up in Minnesota where its been even colder, that 50-foot snowman still stands. Maybe lists is the better word. For sure, theyll know when its really spring in Gilman by checking the horizon.

Rick Shields