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Ag. Weather Outlook 4-04-2014

by Tim Abramowski

As best I recall and thats getting more difficult all the time - spring is science fair season. On my school days list of suddenly long-ago there was the styrofoam ball-intensive solar system project with the soccer ball in the middle one yearfollowed by the kitchen table volcano project the next year then, the following year it was a home-made tornado with two liquid filled used soft drink bottles held together with duct tape. It had to be very well bound together according to mom. I could only counter if it breaks itll just help clean up some of that grit that got blasted into the table last year by the volcano or some of that blue spray paint from Neptunes styrofoam ball from the year before. That didnt really fly however, the tornado concept did, garnering a blue ribbon. Why - Im still not sure unless it was a thumbs-up from those whose eager eyes staring at the bottle-encased vortex thought it might escape and wipe out the study hall. This was one portal to weather curiosity from the 1950s thats lasted a lifetime. My friend Jim McKinney tells me his primo weather science project back in the day involved a homemade hurricane.

O-K, Jim I guess Ill pass the blue ribbon to you.

and the duct tape, too cause whatever really gets done without it?

Rick Shields