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Ag. Weather Outlook 4-03-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Some may listen a little more closely to whats going on around them possibly hoping to hear a rumble of thunder to ensure spring is really whats happening outside and not just a cold, damp last-gasp of winter. You may get your wish tonight as the latest system rolls across Michigan. For others, the weather phenomenon du jour will be a light freezing rain around northern and central portions of the state. As usual April weather gives us a buffet of choices and not all of them are tasty. This weeks report from Extension Educators Bill Shane and Mark Longstroth tree fruit growth is just beginning. In their start of the month newsletter they say it would take extremely cold temperatures to damage tree fruit buds. Where there has been injury, it has come from the rough winter weve just been through. Several months with several feet of snow cover has also led to damage from rabbits, mice, voles and deer. Currently they tell us the damage is scattered with many growers reporting nothing much at all.

Rick Shields