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Ag. Weather Outlook 3-31-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Baseball and sunny skies prove a great start to the week. So, how do you make it even better five home runs in a row? Thats not in the cards this week. But, in spite of a scattered snow shower or two or an early morning episode of a rain/freezing rain mix possible in the early morning hours toward the end of the week, were not likely to strike out either. Its basically just another seasonal transition week. Extension Fruit Educator Mark Longstroth says plants that have reached their chilling requirements are now collecting growing degree days. Theyre not ready to go yet and with morning lows still hovering around freezing or just below this week thats a good thing. He advises if you have fruit trees nows the time to be out pruning. However, if you have peach trees, Longstroth says you might want to wait and see how much if any damage you may have after the harsh conditions of the past three months. Whatever you discover on that first walk-around youve got to admit its a pleasure to be able to do it without snowshoes.

Rick Shields