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Ag. Weather Outlook 3-27-2014

by Tim Abramowski

This week features yet another snowstorm in New England and a couple of freezes from the Carolinas, and Georgia into Florida.  All of this happens as we inch our way towards spring and chilling requirements get met for the Michigan fruit crop.  And while rivers are riding high – the melt hasn’t been drastic enough to produce too much flooding – at least, not yet.  What’s going on in Georgia may remind you a bit of the state we were in two springs ago.  As of last weekend, USDA says 84-percent of peaches in Georgia and 51-percent of blueberries were in bloom.  This week has seen several freezing nights across the southeast putting at least a portion of those crops at risk.  Up our way the string of days ahead show a gradual increase in daytime readings through Monday.  That day still looks like a warm one as forecasters hold to their expectation of 60-degrees, give or take a few.  Forget a flurry or ice pellet in the air or the possibility of a rain/snow mix in the middle of next week – suddenly, the worst weather news is coming from south and east of here and things around us don’t seem so bad.

Rick Shields