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Ag. Weather Outlook 3-21-2014

by Tim Abramowski

I didn’t make too much of spring’s arrival Thursday afternoon.  A big fun-filled celebration of crossing the Equator is probably better left for ship crews in the midst of a too long cruise.  Our Sun crosses the Equator twice a year and weather in our latitude changes little – for a while.  That isn’t to say there’s no change – but a 48 or 50 degree temperature one day does not a new season make, especially when it’s followed by a string of days a full 20 degrees colder than normal as is the case this year.  There’s a term for it like there is most anything.  It’s called seasonal lag.  Hopefully – in a matter of days or surely, weeks - the Sun’s rays shining higher in the sky will drastically warm temperatures and melt piles of snow revealing another buried Christmas tree, or yard ornament from the Holidays or a still leafed-out plant with branches sagging and a bit twisted from a hundred inches of snow.  Until then, the seasons will battle it out for air supremacy.  And spring will win.

Rick Shields