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Ag. Weather Outlook 3-19-2014

by Tim Abramowski

It’s been so cold since November maybe a rumble of thunder would sound good right now.  Probably though – most folks won’t hear one yet even though we’re in for some showers along with a bit of rain/snow mix as a front crosses the region.  We’ll stay cool and damp through the weekend into the early part of next week with our warmest day coming on Friday when the thermometer could climb to around 50.  So, in the big picture, does this winter blow all the others out of the water…or off the ice?  NOAA’s recap of the past three months shows an average temperature for the lower 48 a full degree below the 20th century average.  That’s significant.  But I bet you thought it’d be lower than that.  What may be even more difficult to comprehend is the fact that total winter precipitation across the country was well below normal.  It was, in fact, the driest in 12 years.  California had its warmest winter on record.  Finally, here’s a finding more in line with what we’ve experienced.  The national snow cover was 170-thousand square miles.  That’s way above the 30 year average.  Perception-wise, the figures seem to reinforce the concept that all weather – like politics – is local.

Rick Shields