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Ag. Weather Outlook 3-17-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Just getting to the sugar maple taps is proving difficult due to heavy snows.  Alternating days of relative warmth and bitter cold nights is moving a lot of sap but the trend to date hasn’t been positive for a big production year.  As far as how Michigan will place with regard to competitors like Vermont and New York – they’re having similar problems this season.  Prime time for maple syrup production in southern Michigan will wrap up in about a month.  On the topic of snow – and with the exception of cold there’s not been much else to talk about for months – we’re closing in on a few more records.  The National Weather Service says its snow buckets in Grand Rapids, Lansing and Muskegon are overflowing over the past three and a half months.  In Lansing, assuming it all doesn’t melt, the record for the consecutive number of days with an inch or more of snow on the ground will fall Thursday.  The current record of 101 days was set in 1963.  Grand Rapids would have to hold on until April 5th.  Right now that doesn’t seem likely.  But when talking about this winter – don’t rule it out.

Rick Shields