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Ag. Weather Outlook 3-14-2014

by Tim Abramowski

It’s 69 days and counting in Kalamazoo with 12 inches or more of snow covering the ground.  Around the region December 5th was the last day bare ground was visible in most places.  Watching readings rise today we may get a little better picture of what lies beneath. Grass should have benefitted from the moisture this winter while deep snow has provided insulation from bitterly cold temperatures.  You have to worry about burrowing critters gnawing on trees and other plants below snow level.  Then, there was that inflatable snowman on a neighbor’s lawn lit from inside on a early December evening when the snows started cranking up in earnest.  Is it a victim of the 110-plus inches that have blanketed the area?  Will it emerge into the good light of a new day?  Will we – or, when will we, for that matter?  Today puts us a step closer even if it’s only a baby step.  And despite a few setbacks, we’ll take a few more steps next week.

Rick Shields