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Ag. Weather Outlook 3-11-2014

by Tim Abramowski

The great freeze on the Great Lakes… 2014 sets a record here as well as in so many ways.  Over 93-percent of the lakes are now ice covered and conditions the next two evenings are set to freeze over any expectations anyone may have that spring is at hand.  Fifty degree temperatures Monday and in the early morning darkness early today the sound of water still dripping from rooftop snow melt were welcome signs of things to come.  But those things haven’t come to stay.  If you look at a colorized weather map of North America today you’ll see a large blue blob to the north of Huron and Superior with menacing arrows pointed south in the direction of … well, your back yard for example.  Then there’s an orange-ish blob of yellow over the southern plans with arrows pointing towards – you guessed it – your driveway.  Then for Wednesday a long extended blob of white runs from Illinois to… you get the picture… As in the 1950’s horror film starring young Steve McQueen – beware of the blob.  This one’s going to bring us a sizable accumulation of snow.

Rick Shields