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Ag. Weather Outlook 3-06-2014

by Tim Abramowski

There’s always uncertainty about specifically how warm it’s going to be or how much precipitation is likely to transpire.  But the latest forecasts do provide hope for warmer times for next week.  ‘Warmer times’ can translate as – ‘normal’ for a change.  Records over the years would lead us to believe low 40s would be common at this point.  A lot of places have been lucky to have seen that kind of temperature more that one or two times this winter.  Like a lot of people are noting…warmer is better – just not too much too fast.  As long as we’re wishing let’s be picky.  On the topic of records over the years the Grand Rapids office of the National Weather Service is out with its list for February.  The summary shows 18 daily records for snow depth set or tied last month.  The snow depth of 24-inches on the 18th broke an earlier high mark for greatest snow depth on any February day.  That figure also tied a 1978 record for the second greatest snow depth of all time.  The most is still 27 inches set in January 1979.  Finally – the average snow depth for the month was 20 inches which set another all time record in Grand Rapids.  Just more evidence this is a winter for the books…

Rick Shields